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This summer’s must have style is Sofia Marino’s embroidered denim. Customise your own denim pieces in your wardrobe by using the limited-edition patches and create your very own unique denim piece inspired by Sarah Ashcroft's Coachella outfit.

Recycle and upcycle your own denim and apply the patches to jeans, jackets and much more, creating a unique piece for your wardrobe. For the ultimate statement piece, we recommend applying ten butterflies to your denim in a range of colours.

Each patch comes with step-to-step instructions on how to apply them to your favourite garments.

Product details: 
Black felt fabric
Embroidered patch
Responsible manufacturing 

Each patch comes in a different size, no two patches are identical as they are each individually made. Please note that the butterfly patches are non refundable. 

Care instructions: 
To keep your Sofia Marino patches looking their best, please follow the care advised.

Please note the colour of the embroidery may vary slightly from the pictures seen on our website due to the differences in individual screen technology and the manufacturing batches. However, the designs are completely representative of the vibrance and detail that makes Sofia’s embroidery so unique and desirable. 

Application Instructions:

• Peel the paper layer from the patch and place the patch adhesive side down onto the garment. 

• Preheat the iron to a medium/high heat depending on the thickness of the fabric you are applying the patch to.

• Press and move the iron for 8-30 seconds on each section of the patch until the entire patch has bonded into place on the garment. 

• Leave the patch to cool and bond to the fabric. 

• Apply a running stitch along the edge of the patch to secure and give a seamless finish using black thread to match the edge of the patch.

• Times listed above are for cotton, iron light fabrics for only 6 seconds. Iron thick fabrics for an additional 2 seconds from the back of the garment.