Central to the Sofia Marino brand is the desire to support sustainable and slow fashion without compromising on quality or design. Responsible fashion practices underlie our entire business model from our manufacturing process to our designs and we’re proud to support sustainability charities with every single sale we make.   

Denim jackets have long been a staple wardrobe item and, with the correct care, will last forever. That makes them the perfect garments to base our sustainable fashion business around. 

We aim to create timeless products so all our designs are embroidered upon classic black or blue denim jackets which can be dressed up and down, whatever the season. 

What’s more, all of our designs can be customised and we encourage our customers to get involved in the jacket design process. By adding this extra personal touch to an already premium product, we hope customers will come to see their Sofia Marino jackets as unique pieces of wearable art, rather than jackets based on fashion trends.

The Sofia Marino brand strives to ensure that the manufacturing and production of the denim and jackets is undertaken by suppliers who hold the appropriate certificates of compliance, maintain good health and safety standards and pay their workers fairly.

We have partnered with a British denim supplier who is heavily involved in sourcing products for larger, well-known fashion and lifestyle brands here in the UK. They operate a number of factory facilities in Pakistan, India and Turkey, which have all been inspected by internationally recognised bodies and subscribe to the nine principles set out under the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code.

We are confident that our suppliers have the relevant expertise to deliver high quality products whilst abiding by any sustainability requirements and maintaining good working practices. With years of experience in this industry, they are very familiar with the importance of these issues in modern day fashion manufacturing.

Our supplier also provides access to end-of-run denim which supports our pledge to reduce textile waste. The denim that we use to create our jackets is typically sourced from material left over from other, larger production runs undertaken by our supplier. End-of-line denim is often simply scrapped by factories as the cost of storing it is prohibitive. In repurposing this denim for our jackets, we can give these cuts of cloth a new lease of life.

What’s more, all wet and dry processing of the denim cloth uses azo-free, natural dyes and all of the wastewater used during the production process is treated and neutralised before it is discharged back into the environment. 

All of our Sofia Marino branded boxes are 100% recyclable and over 73% of the materials used to construct the boxes are made out of recycled or renewable resources.

Our boxes have been specifically designed to store your jacket when not in use, and we would encourage you to look after your jacket by folding it carefully back into the box for safe keeping after each wear. 

All of our mailing bags are made from degradable pink polythene and are also 100% recyclable. We have deliberately not used any Sofia Marino branding on these to encourage customers to reuse them as they see fit.

We want to be 100% transparent with our customers so we will never claim that production is 100% eco-friendly. We have thoroughly researched our suppliers and their processes but we purchase end-of-line denim that is discarded by bigger manufacturers who may or may not follow best production practices.

We don’t believe it is possible for any new start-up brand to be able to control foreign suppliers in developing countries to the degree necessary where they can claim 100% fair trade and sustainability.