The Sofia Marino brand is an independent design label that reimagines the classic denim jacket. 

Founded in 2021, the Sofia Marino brand creates vibrant denim art using sustainable, slow fashion practices. The denim jacket has long been a wardrobe staple but our embroidered and fully customisable designs ensure you’ll always stand out from the crowd. 

Sofia takes inspiration from her Italian heritage and world travels, and each design aims to add a splash of colour to everyday life. Mixing specialised crafting, machine embroidery and hand beading, Sofia hopes to keep the craft process alive through her beautiful made-to-order denim jackets. 

Sofia believes in small batch production, producing only enough jackets to satisfy demand, which helps to reduce waste and create a sense of exclusivity. It is unlikely that you will meet anyone wearing a Sofia Marino jacket with the same design as all our jackets are made to order and can be fully customised.

Responsible fashion practices underlie the entire manufacturing process from factory to customer and a portion of each sale is donated back to the community. Our beautiful denim jackets are designed to be cherished for life and not for one season!

Check out our Brand Ethos page for more about our commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

A little bit about the designer…

Born in North London, Sofia Marino grew up in what can only be described as a typically loud and sociable Anglo-Italian family. The kitchen was the heart of the home and there was always a pot of fresh coffee ready to welcome the steady flow of visitors who would often pop by unannounced.

Sofia’s warm Italian upbringing continues to influence her art today and each design is inspired by a cherished memory or place. Tired of fast fashion and trends that are here today and gone tomorrow, Sofia aims to capture these enduring moments and now designs premium and timeless denim jackets that can be cherished and worn forever.

Her aim is to bring joy to her customers through colourful and eye-catching designs that offer a vibrant twist on the classic denim jacket. This love for denim and embroidery can be traced back to her earliest designs and her first ever customised denim jacket was a commission to represent punk in 1970’s London. 

Although Sofia is a young and up-and-coming designer, she is privileged to have worked extensively with and been mentored by established textiles print designer Dame Zandra Rhodes throughout her art studies. Zandra took Sofia under her wing and to this day continues to provide the inspiration, friendship and mentoring that has encouraged Sofia to carve her own path in the bustling world of fashion. 

Read more following the link below to find out about Sofia Marino's story and journey into the fashion and textiles industry and how Dame Zandra Rhodes took Sofia under her wing over the years.

Sofia Marino's story and Journey