The Jacket

Each Sofia Marino jacket is made-to-order so the jacket’s transformation begins when you place your order with us. Whether you select something from our ready-to-wear collection or design something unique with us through our bespoke services, production does not begin until we receive your instructions. 


Our jackets have been carefully manufactured according to Sofia’s own design and are made from 100% high quality denim weighing 13 ounces  This not only gives our denim a premium feel, but it also ensures it is sufficiently robust to withstand being heavily embroidered and embellished. 

Sofia worked closely with our jacket supplier to create a unique design reminiscent of a classically-styled denim jacket but with a large enough back panel to create the denim art we are known for. This design and sampling process took over three months to complete as we wanted to make sure these jackets were the perfect fit for our designs. 


  • Denim

Our denim jacket fabric is all sourced from end-of-line manufacturing runs to help reduce textile waste in the fashion industry. We use 13 ounce denim, which is a highly durable fabric to ensure our jackets are long-lasting. 

All our denim is made from 100% cotton and no man-made synthetic fibres are used in its production. What’s more, the dyes used during the manufacturing process are all azo-free, natural dyes.

  • Lining 

We use premium Duchess Satin lining in Sofia Marino’s signature pink colour on the inside of each of our jackets. This type of satin is firmer than other kinds and helps to prevent wear and tear to the underside of our embroidered designs. In doing so, the jacket is more comfortable to wear and our design’s longevity is protected.

  • Button

All jacket buttons have been embossed with the Sofia Marino logo and have a highly polished mirror finish. Six buttons are used to fasten the jacket at the front with two more on the chest pockets and a further four to secure the wrists and waist panel.


Each design starts with a pencil and paper and is then developed into a painting before being translated into a unique embroidery design. 

No embroidery work is undertaken on a jacket until a formal order is received from a customer so there is no pre-made stock for any of the jacket designs.

Once our blank jackets have been delivered, all embroidery and customisation is completed in-house at Sofia Marino’s London studio, where quality is closely monitored by Sofia personally.

All our jackets are made-to-order and the embroidery alone can take anywhere between 2-8 hours to complete. The jackets are then hand finished with embellishments and beading by Sofia herself.

Finishing touches such as Sofia’s signature are then embroidered into the jacket and the back panel is lined by hand to protect the inside stitching. The lining can take up to two hours per jacket to complete. 

Finally, our jackets are ready to be delivered to our customers! 

The whole process can take up to 10 working days to complete depending on the complexity of the design and any customisations.  


Sofia Marino is an independent label that operates small runs to ensure the quality and exclusivity of our jackets making it unlikely that you will meet anyone wearing a Sofia Marino jacket. We want you and your jacket to stand out from the crowd and be the talking point of the party!

Each jacket has an exclusive label indicating the year it was produced and released, along with information about the collection and jacket name. 

Our designs are not seasonal, and each jacket is individually embroidered and made-to-order. We believe in producing jackets that are treasured, timeless and personal to our customers so that they do not become another casual fashion item thrown away at the end of the season. 

Unlike many other fashion brands, our jackets will never sit on dusty shelves at the end of season as our designs are not trend-led. Design is central to our production line and, as each item is made-to-order, Sofia is able to create new designs whenever she sees a new opportunity or as customers require. 


Please note the colour of the denim and embroidery may vary slightly on the jacket from those seen on our website due to the differences in individual screen technology and the manufacturing batches of denim. However, the designs are completely representative of the vibrance and detail of work that makes Sofia’s jackets so unique and desirable.